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Raven Knights
We are the knights of protection!
We are the knights of honor!
We are the knights of hope!
We are the knights of god!

Never, shall we let our blades dull. For it is we that must fight!
We must protect our people even if it means our own lives!
We will be the Knights that guide Lenaria to her victory!
Love and help your brothers and sisters.
Family is everything, in the nest of the ravens.
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Ajie1990, Jan 22, 11 3:51 AM.
Hello, new forum so we can have unlimited posts and stuff

RavenKnights Forum

Active site YAY!

Ajie1990, Jan 21, 11 9:16 PM.
Yay! The site's pretty active now. Thank you everyone for signing up and stuff! <3

Don't forget we have forums! <3

More guildies on Site!!!

Ajie1990, Jan 21, 11 1:25 PM.
lol, We really really need more of our guildies to use the site so it can be more lively.

Let's be a lil more pushy about the site so we can get em here. xD

Zippie, do your sexy seductions! gogogo! >:3

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Ajie1990, Jan 7, 11 10:27 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Currently anyone is welcome to join so don't hesitate to invite your friends and others! :D
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